Gentlemen, we've got entered a brand new age in robotic sexuality! The new A10 Cyclone is associate attachment for the R-1 Sex Toy Controller (available on an individual basis below), and uses the ability of each the bottom unit and also the Cyclone to form the wonderful sensation of a fellation and alternative feelings. As you'll be able to see within the video, the Cyclone races around your member at unbelievable speeds, nevertheless gently caresses you.
After mistreatment some lotion and slippery yourself in, management the speed and stimulations with the R-1 base unit, and change the length to suit you absolutely mistreatment the enclosed Spacer. good suited an ideal feeling. Watch the video below for more!
In addition, you'll be able to exchange the Inner Cups with completely different models (sold separately) to invariablyhave a brand new expertise.The cups are simple to get rid of and wash, creating the Cyclone unbelievably sanitarycompared to alternative toys.


The A10 Cyclone Features: 

***Power: Needs the R-1 Base Unit (available separately) plus two AA batteries (included)***

  • (A) Hand unit
  • (B)Outer cup
  • (C) Front cap
  • (D) Spacer (to adjust for length)
  • (E) Silicone Inner Cup
  • Power: Needs the R-1 Base Unit (available separately) plus two AA batteries (included)
  • Available in two sizes: medium (22mm/0.9" in diameter) or large (25mm/1" in diameter)
  • Easy to wash
  • Japanese manual, but easy to understand
  • Made in JAPAN
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Weight: 600.00 Grams

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