DMM's well-liked on-line game Aegis Thousand Year War has each traditional and adult settings, therefore it's no surprise that they teamed with sex toy maker surgical process to bring you Aegis Thousand Year War Gina Trinity Onahole. Designed with a sensible and gratifying expertise in mind, this fighting girl contains a triple layer of lovesometo supply.
The first layer provides Gina her strength and minimizes any aroma she would possibly offer off, whereas the second (and thickest layer) may be a soft, supple material that may wrap your member in fleshy love, and at last the last layer creates the particular sensation mechanisms - the nubs, ridges and pleasure chambers. however that is not all this battle-ready boxer must provide, she additionally comes with a moisturizing lotion with antibacterial drug properties (via a hyaluronan and noble metal compound) and a special input code to transfer the Gina character for either the adult or non-adult versions of Aegis Thousand Year War.


The Aegis Thousand Year War Gina Trinity Onahole features:

  • Size: 168 x 120 x 60mm (6.61 x 4.72 x 2.36")
  • Weight: 280g (9.87 oz)
  • Non-air release hole type masturbator
  • Lotion: 120ml (4.05 fl oz)
  • Download code (Japanese only)
Current Stock:
Weight: 280.00 Grams

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