Give gossamer air dolls a a lot of realistic texture with this Air Doll Body Tights set, a skin-like body wrapper that you just will placed on your favorite doll, before processing her up for a remodeled look. The body tights are fastidiouslydesigned in order that there's still a gap for the air hole wherever you widen your womanand after all between the legs there's additionally a crotch area for you to insert a someone and complete your expertise.


The Air Doll Body Tights features:

  • Transparent body tights for your blow-up air doll
  • Recommended for kneeing/sitting position dolls
  • Fits dolls: height 120cm (4 ft), bust 62cm (24.4"), waist 49cm (19.3"), hips 73cm (29")
  • Originally designed for Usahane air doll but should fit other dolls of suitable size
  • Air doll and wig are not included
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Weight: 50.00 Grams

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