If you wish your girls mini, cute and petite, then look no any than the ethereal Doll. With an ideal hole for your favorite individual, the ethereal can sit on you whereas you pump away. And as you'd expect from such a kawaii blow-up doll, the planning of this girl is by all odds Akihabara: A "JK" little girl, a nurse or a maid.
Cosplay dolls have not looked therefore attractive. Costumes aren't enclosed however you may have bonded hours of enjoyment dressing up the 3 girls in their acceptable uniforms... then in fact starting the garments to induceright down to some real action.
The small size is additionally not simply an informal maneuver to attractiveness to fetishists. it's additionally super sensible for all types of positions.


The Airy Doll features:

  • Versions: JK (schoolgirl), Nurse, Maid
  • JK height: 60.1cm (24") (when inflated)
  • Nurse height: 59.5cm (23.4") (when inflated)
  • Maid height: 55cm (21.7") (when inflated)
  • Onahole not included. Please add your own
  • Onahole size: around 16 x 7cm (6.3 x 2.8")
  • Costume not included
Current Stock:
Weight: 200.00 Grams

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