The Ama Free Diver Jukujo Crotch Smell relies on the older lady character from the KT manufacturing plant eroge adult game Bakunyuu! Dekajiri! Ama Oba-san. Her perspiring body has seen lots of action each in and out of the water. Recreate the aroma of this experienced jukujo and her older however toned body's juices between her legs. This fetish liquid is right to be used with onaholes and masturbators, or maybe with a sex doll or partner, or simply enjoying by itself.


The Ama Free Diver Jukujo Crotch Smell features:

  • Based on KT Factory eroge Bakunyuu! Dekajiri! Ama Oba-san
  • 60ml (2 fl oz)
  • Made in Japan
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Weight: 86.00 Grams

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