Produced by Anan magazine with Sagami, Japan's leading prophylactic maker, the Anan light Jelly Condoms square measure a tribute to the power of the weekly women's fashion and sweetness publication that has done most to teach Japanese feminine readers concerning smart sex. noted for its annual August "sex issue", Anan features a cult following overseas too, particularly for its exposure shoots with male idols.

This pack of 10 condoms square measure determined to be friendly for ladiesparticularly if you get sore from rubbing. The condoms feature 5 times the maximum amount lubrication as traditional and are available in a very cute pink color.




The Anan Gentle Jelly Condoms features:

  • Produced by Anan magazine with Sagami
  • 10 condoms
  • Five times the amount of regular lubrication
  • Natural rubber latex
  • Color: pink
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Weight: 42.00 Grams

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