The Angel's Kiss Otoko no KO Non-padded bandeau and Panties Set three is another easy-to-wear cosplay suit by Tama Toys, ideal for cross-dressing costume play (novices or veterans) or for putt on a doll or partner(s). this is often the third during this mini series: a liberally sized, non-wire underclothing set with cute blue and white polka dots, and white lace trim for additional decoration. remodel into a young angel with the assistance of this underclothes costume set.


The Angel's Kiss Otoko no Ko Non-padded Bra and Panties Set 3 features:

  • Color: blue with white polka dots and white lace trim
  • Underbust size: around 90cm (35.4")
  • Bust: around 103cm (40.6")
  • Cup: B
  • No wire, no padding in bra
  • Hips size: around 102-110cm (40.2-43.3")
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Weight: 120.00 Grams

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