The history of the japanese Miko shrine maidens may be a long and elaborated one. they need been tasked with everything from exorcisms to sacred dances and ritual cleansing. Donning the Be With My Miko Angel Cosplay Costume, you (or your partner) will combat the role of 1 of those "pure" girls.

Comprised of a brief pink hakama folded skirt with a tied bow, and a white haori (kimono top) with pink accents, this costume is bound to be a success at any party, cosplay event, or perhaps the sleeping rooma top quality adult playact article of clothing set straight from the guts of Japanese culture.



The Be With My Miko Angel Cosplay Costume features:

  • Kimono top, hakama skirt, and belt
  • Medium size
  • Bust 78-88cm (30.7-34.64")
  • Waist 58-70cm (22.83-27.55")
  • Hips 87-95cm (34.25-37.4")
  • Sandal footwear not included
  • Made in Japan
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Weight: 540.00 Grams

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