These ladies very skills to urge it on! Watch the battle of the titans with this Black Gal vs White Gal Lesbian Sex Fight, a 2-hour fucking contest between two awful gyaru with slinky bodies to die for. One is brunette with faux tan, the opposite paler than pale. each square measure as slutty as is imaginary.

Watch gratuitous foreplay, licking and additional between Mana Izumi and Ayaka Tomoda. Their nails square measure as long as their fingers however that does not stop them from attempting a strap-on for all it's priceWHO can emerge victorious? Well, the winner can invariably be you, the viewer in pure heaven.



Black Gal vs White Gal Lesbian Sex Fight features:

  • 120-minute Japanese adult DVD (DVDES-439)
  • Starring Mana Izumi and Ayaka Tomoda
  • Region free
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