High school may be a special time in everyone's life, and that we all have fond reminiscences of highschool crushes. maybe she was in scientific discipline, glee club, or maybe swim category. The Boku no Onani Japanese lady Used faculty bathing suit permits you to live those days once that special gal was splashing her means into your heart.

Excellent for cosplay, crossdressing, or maybe dressing up a love doll, the bathing suit is usually a one-piece style just like those worn in sports events like the athletic competition with a high neck, revealing back, and low-cut legs that cup the wearer's buttocks and canopy the higher thigh. Nice and retro!


The Boku no Onani Japanese Girl Used School Swimsuit features:

  • 1 swimsuit simulating feel of being used
  • Color and design may vary
  • Includes package sticker (in Japanese) with the last name, prefecture she went to school in, blood type and horoscope sign of girl
  • *Please note that this item cannot be returned*
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Weight: 100.00 Grams

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