A superb accent for adding additional touches to dolls or for simply fidgeting with by itself, this bandeau and Breasts Set D-Cup is soft and tender just like the authenticityhowever these ar additional sensible than associate actual combine of breasts! they are available with a bandeau that you just will attach the breasts to and placed on a doll.

You can additionally wear it yourself if you're into that sort of costume play otherwise you fancy experimenting to a small degree.


The Bra and Breasts Set D-Cup features:

  • Size: D-cup
  • Ideal for both dolls or transgender costume play
  • Busts can be detached from the bra
  • Use tape for best results
  • Please note that images show G-cup version. Actual toy will be D-cup size
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Weight: 1,200.00 Grams

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