Who says Asian ladies have tiny breasts? this is often a good means for adding further "touches" to your favorite doll or if you just fancy a caress with associate impressive combine. Either way, reach for this undergarment and Breasts Set F-Cup and skill a soft, light combine of jugs in your hand.

Fancy being a woman for a while? Slip these on. Fancy giving your partner a unique sized combine for a night? Slip these on. way more useful than even real breasts, they are available with a undergarment that you simply will attach to the doll and which may be detached from the breasts themselves.



The Bra and Breasts Set F-Cup features:

  • Size: F cup
  • Bust can be detached from bra
  • Use tape for best results
  • Please note that images show G-cup
Current Stock:
Weight: 1,400.00 Grams

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