At first look, the Candy Lotion moveable Lubricants by first-rate appearance a bit like a bag of sweets. nobody would be any the wiser thus you'll be able to leave it in plain sight. however break open these candy and a generous lubricating liquid can pour. Ideal for taking around with you during a bag or pocket, the convenience, little fill capsules are available 3 varieties.

There is the "normal" sortappropriate for couple play. The "hard" sort is for once you need to travel at it rough, whereas the "moist" ones provide a decent lubricating expertise for women United Nations agency area unitsignificantly dry. every sort has its own color to assist you establish them simply.


The Candy Lotion Portable Lubricants features:

  • Looks like a bag of candy/sweets
  • Contains three types: normal (yellow), hard (pink), moist (blue)
  • Includes 8 of each type (total of 24)
  • Not edible: do not eat
  • No flavor
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Weight: 127.00 Grams

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