With the new attractive transparent gem a true-to-life epithelial duct feel has finally been reproduced. The double internal rotors produce a noteworthy sensation that may ne'er grow boringhowever do not forget regarding the backdoor, as a result of the manufacturers undoubtedly did not. They've accurately reproduced associate degree anal pleasure hole stillonly for you and no matter mood you're in.
Manufactured with soft material that you simply can wish to squeeze laborious, this super onahole not solely feels likethe important issuehowever appears like it still.


The Sexy Garnet Powered Onahole features:

  • Double-holed onahole with electronic motors and controller
  • Weight: 3.35kg (118.2 ounces)
  • Size: 240 x 180mm (9.5 x 7.1")
  • Power: AA batteries x2
  • Vaginal opening: 25mm in diameter (1.")
  • Manual: Japanese
Current Stock:
Weight: 3,350.00 Grams

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