With each a versatile anal pocket and hole within the front, you'll positively get pleasure from obtaining nearer to the Cutie Body, a hug pillow that may be explored from high to bottom. If you get pleasure from dressing her up then this can be a decent doll for making an attempt out wigs or completely different garmentshowever if you like simplyobtaining down 'n' dirty, then this trunk will definitely do the business for you too: supply the provided meiki onahole, get a foothold on the soft skin and plunge away.
Very supple and bendy, the Cutie are going to be a pliable room toy that may service your desires any day, any time. Now, is not that such a lot higher than a "real" lady?!


The Cutie Body Love Doll features:

  • Anal pocket and front hole
  • Includes camisole top, Delicious Meiki (Miki Yoshii), lotion (50ml)
  • Takes extra 5 days-1 week for delivery
Current Stock:
Weight: 2,000.00 Grams

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