The Deo Lotion Deodorizing material may be a special make full created with associate particle compound. one in all the downsides of enjoying yourself with a human sleeve toy is that you just got to take care concerning maintenance. Onaholes should been clean and absolutely dried when use. sadlyseveral onaholes retain associate odor, each from the materials themselves however conjointly from material and different liquids. This Deo Lotion is particularly designed to assist kill smell and conjointly bacteriumcreating sessions along with your favorite onaholes higher.


The Deo Lotion Deodorizing Lubricant features:

  • Anti-odor and anti-bacteria
  • Features compound of silver, zinc and copper ions
  • 160ml (5.4 fl oz)
  • Made in Japan
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Weight: 186.00 Grams

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