Part mini doll, half onahole, the all-new Dollho Body by capital of Japan physical attraction could be a "direct joint onahodoll". What will that mean? It means that the enclosed joint elements will be placed within the special holes to feature a true mini girl's temperament to the present onahole someone. If you wish you'll then add a group of legs or arms, or perhaps a mini wig and consumer goods for additional decoration. otherwise you will simply relish the pleasures of the hole!
There area unit 2 basic bodies to decide on from: the kind 060 has larger breasts and a generous epithelial duct. Meanwhile, the kind VDD incorporates a sleeker body and additional delicate bust for those guys UN agency like their women petite.
The Dollho itself includes the joints and also the lower body [*fr1]you'll then add your own doll with wig and garments. Or we tend to advocate the Dollfie Dream doll by Volks that, tho' not created by a similar folks because the Dollho, fits and works with it to form an ideal set.


The Dollho Body features:

  • Choose from Type VDD or Type 060 versions
  • Includes joints parts but doll arms/legs, clothes, wig etc not included
  • Recommended for use with Volks Dollfie Dream doll. Add as optional extra below
  • Can also be customized for use with other dolls, such as the Obitsu 60
  • Size: around 145 x 70mm (5.7 x 2.8")
  • Includes lotion (200ml, 6.8 fl oz)
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Weight: 2,600.00 Grams

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