From Dekunoboo, Japan's premier plush dolls maker, the Ecstasy Body is sculptural when an ideal adult female body, with a full, generous bust and curvy hips that may work well on prime of you, beneath you, or right beside you.
Slip in your favorite onahole and find as cosy and shut as you'll to her body. you'll additionally dress her up in garments and costumes, still as add a head or wig if you would like. Being a foam doll she is incredibly sturdy and simple to take care ofto not mention reasonable for even those with diminished budgets.
No ought to be back with this lady! Most of all we predict you'll relish the curvy ass, the total chest and slender waist, and with it hours of esctasy and, ahem, exercise...


The Ecstasy Body Plush Doll features:

  • No head or wig included (add your own or use without)
  • Total length: around 100cm (39.4")
  • Total width: around 38cm (15")
  • Bust: around 83cm (32.7") (Bra size: C-cup)
  • Waist: around 54cm (21.3")
  • Hips: around 90cm (35.4")
  • Onahole not included
  • Clothing not included
  • Please wrap onahole in towel or bag to protect the doll's material from leakage
  • As they are made to order, Dekunoboo dolls cannot be canceled after an order has been placed. Please allow some extra days for delivery.
Current Stock:
Weight: 8,000.00 Grams

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