Designed for cross-dressing cosplay (though additionally smart for different kinds of act or simply as an attractive outfit), the Enamel Black bandeau and Panties for Otoko no blow could be a seriously Japanese mix of horny and cute. The bandeau could be a with modesty cushioned B-cup, providing enough of a lift within the chest thusyou're feeling there's one thing there while not feat an excessive amount of excess, since otoko no blow do noteven have the assets to extra service an oversized bandeau anyway. The panties are designed with males in mind thus you'll feel comfy in them whereas wanting your absolute otoko no blow finest.
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The Enamel Black Bra and Panties for Otoko no Ko features:

  • For otoko no ko (cross-dresser cosplay) and other types of play
  • Color: enamel black
  • Under-bust: around 90cm (35")
  • Bust: around 103cm (41")
  • Cup: B-cup (padded)
  • Panties: around 102-110cm (40-43") (hips)
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Weight: 188.00 Grams

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