Unwashed and with the aroma of being simply worn, the fancy Used Panties also are stained with you-know-what for that hauntingcomponent of realism. In every pack you'll notice ONE item of underclothing just like the examples below, with a sweet fragrance that'seach cute and dirty at an equivalent time. What you are doing with the panties is up to you, however we tend to reckon you musthaven't any bother finding an area that is excellent for these secret kinky pleasures...


The Enjoy Used Panties with Stain features:

  • ONE item of used panties
  • Includes stain mark for that "just worn" and unwashed feeling
  • Color and package on images shown is a guide only. Actual design of panties and package may vary
  • *Please note that this item cannot be returned*
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Weight: 25.00 Grams

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