Japanese sex toys area unit quizzical and ingenious, and intrinsically area unit susceptible to parody. this is often why you get fun merchandise like this one, that is meant to appear sort of a bound well-liked Japanese drink. however no matter your style in beverages, the combining weight Lemon Lotion may be a nice lubricate (or "sex nourishment lotion" because the manufacturers decision it!) and can get you and your partner's body terriblygreased for the task at hand. Even highersimilar to the initial drink, the combining weight Lemon contains actual seasoning for a unambiguously acid lotion expertise.



The EQ Lemon Lotion features:

  • 350ml (11.8 fl oz)
  • Includes lemon extract, collagen compound
  • Not a drink. Do not consume
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Weight: 399.00 Grams

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