No discounts ar out there for anyone UN agency spots the terribly obvious (yet unofficial) inspiration for this plush doll from tiptop. Yes, the Fairy Doll Full unitard Version A is clearly sculptural on the attractive Evangelion pilot, Asuka Shikinami Langley. The sturdy, effectively full-size doll contains a slot between her legs for your favorite onahole whereas the coloring of her suit and long, orange-brown wig can delight any fan of the cult science-fiction series. Note the eye to detail on this doll, together with a impertinent butt and versatile arms and legs.


The Fairy Doll Full Body Suit Version Type A features:

  • Unofficially inspired by Evangelion's Asuka Shikinami Langley
  • Life-size
  • Includes long, orange-brown wig (wig can be removed)
  • Length: 115cm (45.2")
  • Bust: 57cm (22.4")
  • Hips: 65.5cm (25.8")
  • Weight: 900g (2 lbs)
  • With slot for masturbator/onahole (no masturbator included)
  • Masturbator slot size: 35mm (1.4") (width), 155mm (6.1") (depth)
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Weight: 900.00 Grams

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