Fairy Doll Sitting Nono could be a meek, sweet Japanese plush doll mendicancy for you to hug and hold her tight. The soft doll is sturdy and after all includes a hole slot you recognize wherevershe's going to look beautiful in her camisole or, if you are feeling originativein an exceedingly nurse or female child uniform.
Her bent knees and legs mean that Nono could be a versatile doll United Nations agency is custom-made for a spreadof poses and positions, looking on however the flamboyant takes you.
Choose the coiffure you would like Nono to possess. She comes with either long, medium or short hair. every version has its own hair color too: black (long), brown (medium) or blond (short). Add undergarment and garments for the ultimate touches to your cute companion.


The Fairy Doll Sitting Nono features:

  • Hair types: long (black), medium (brown), short (blond)
  • Size: 460 x 360 x 745mm (18.1 x 14.2 x 29.3")
  • Includes camisole and wig
  • Other clothing items not included
  • Onahole not included (please add your own)
  • Materials: cupro, nylon, cotton, etc
  • Made in Japan
Current Stock:
Weight: 8,000.00 Grams

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