With the Fox Tail electrical Anal Plug you'll rework your partner into Associate in Nursing animal. The toy offers you a hirsute tail to carry onto (imagine what you'll do with that!) whereasbetter of all, the fox tail buzzes their butt hole. the combination of cute and attractive here is often Japanese. The white fur is fun to stroke and hold, and also the anal plug is simple to use for each novices or sawfolks alike.

There's even a handle to create extracting the plug a straightforward affair. however before you pull it out, you'll need to require some time look your partner squirm because the butt plug vibrates deep within them, the tail noisy around as their body quivers with pleasure.


The Fox Tail Electric Anal Plug features:

  • Insertable plug length: 10cm (3.9")
  • Plug width: 2.2-3.7cm (0.9-1.5")
  • Power: LR44 batteries x 3
Current Stock:
Weight: 100.00 Grams

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