"Gekikan" suggests that "stimulation" and it's actually a reallyterribly acceptable name. This tit Chain are going to be an excellentthanks to stimulate things up together with your partner, while not abundant fuss or preparation. All you wish to try and do is clip the grips onto her nipples and watch them harden as they're squeezed and excited. The chain will then clipped down you-know-where therefore she is stretched and underneath your complete sexual management.

Perfect for BDSM novices or veterans, this safe and fun chain set permits you to regulate the grips betting on the extent you would like to play at. One thing's needless to say, though. when making an attempt this out, you'll possible ne'er got to return to standard sex ever again!


The Gekikan Nipple Chain features:

  • Gekikan Type B BDSM Y-shape chain for triple stimulation
  • Length: 67cm (26.4")
  • Weight: 94g (3.3 oz)
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Weight: 94.00 Grams

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