If you prefer your girls on cards and prepared for a few domestic dog fun, then slide in behind the tack Doll Hamessy's Pine All-fours Idol Air Doll. This cute and slender Japanese little girl from easygoing Okinawa is recreated in an exceedingly 1:1 scale along with her meddle the air, awaiting you to penetrate her. Costumes or associate degreeonahole don't seem to be enclosedhowever be at liberty to feature your own, since her size can match most garments or regular masturbators.


The Hame Doll Hamessy's Pine All-fours Idol Air Doll features:

  • 1:1 scale
  • On all fours
  • Height: 90cm (35.4")
  • Waist: 57cm (22.4")
  • Bust: 85cm (33.5")
  • Costume, Masturbator/onahole not included
  • Onahole slot: 18cm (7")
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Weight: 200.00 Grams

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