Hinachan may be a beautiful young lady. She's tiny and has cute locks, and beguiles all day long. however there ar 2sides to Hinachan - the happy, smiling Hina and also the unhappy, distressed Hina. select that facet you wish and take excellent care of her. she will wear kids' size garmentsthus make sure to suit her out with a wardrobe. and she or hecomes with a Delicious Meiki onahole for those TLC sessions.


The Hinachan Doll features:

  • Sex doll with cute locks and Delicious Meiki onahole
  • Height: 120cm (47")
  • Choose from happy or sad version
  • Lotion (50ml) and camisole included
Current Stock:
Weight: 2,000.00 Grams

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