Stockings ar meant to stay legs heat within the absence of trousers or long dresses, and once worn with ladies' boots, they're simply downright hot. For fans of Japanese amateur ladies in boots, this set of Hot and sticky Freshly Worn Stockings Bag ar for lovers of that precise special moment of removal. The afterglow of her satiny skin still upon them, they delicately retain that fantasy of getting return straight from the lavish body of a Japanese womanreach the bag for a try of leotards for solo play or for giving to it special somebody.


The Hot and Steamy Freshly Worn Stockings Bag feature:

  • Six or seven pairs of stockings/pantyhose (random colors)
  • Drawstring bag for safekeeping
  • "Just worn" and unwashed feeling
  • *Please note that this item cannot be returned*
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Weight: 300.00 Grams

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