There's nothing higher to urge your comfortable and comfy within the colder months of the year than some intimate action. Tenga perceives this well and additionally understand the requirements of men area unit consistent all year spherical, even once there's no partner at handthe new Tenga could be a special "winter onacup" designed to supplydistinctive heat sessions to heat you up within the best means potential.
Tenga has antecedently created awing heating toys just like the Tenga hotter, designed to heat up your onacup before you utilize it. however this is often even easier, since the "heater" is integrated into the onacup itself, and therefore theunit needs no batteries or power. The "Quick Warmer" system means that your onacup are prepared for fun in an exceedingly matter of minutes. simply take away the sticker from the air hole at the highest and twist the cog on the warmth generation unit at rock bottom of the cup. Then press it in and leave the new Tenga for four minutes on A levelsurface (a table or the ground is fine). Check the outlet is not too hot so insert yourself into the terribly heatterriblystimulating hole.


The Hot Tenga features:

  • Quick Warmer: easy warming system in 4 minutes
  • Check hole is not too hot before penetrating
  • One-use only
  • Fits Vacuum Controller
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)
Current Stock:
Weight: 310.00 Grams

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