Recreate ryojoku or ryoujoku "shame porn", the unambiguously Japanese subgenre of adult videos wherever the girl is treated as a sex slave to be used but her male masters see match. She is their "human toilet" (niku benki), a restroom for anyone to enter and deposit their load. a standard image of this sort of fantasy porno in Japan is writing abusive slogans and messages on the adult female bodyparticularly her higher legs. currently you'll be able toexpertise identical factor while not the necessity for pens or wipes with the Human bathroom Shame Ryoujoku Stockings.

The stockings embody Japanese writing meant to injure the userthere's conjointly a gap in between the legs therefore she will still receive what her male capturer demands she take. Ideal to be used with a kinky partner or with a doll.


The Human Toilet Shame Ryoujoku Stockings features:

  • Recreates the "humiliation" graffiti from "human toilet" and other ryoujoku porn
  • With crotch opening (front and back)
  • Upper legs only
  • Writing only in Japanese
  • For women (or for dolls)
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Weight: 63.00 Grams

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