For use with the A10 Cyclone robotic someoneout there one by one.
Get your A10 Cyclone up to hurry with the Inner Cup Set, that includes 3 a lot of siicone Inner Cups of varied internal stimulators to combine it up throughout your rapid-fire Cyclone sessions.
Simply pop on your selection of Inner Cup, provides it a whirl (literally!) so simply pop it out once more for straightforward cleansing. You get all 3 varieties: Rolling fellation, Medusa Head, and Crystal.
In addition, you get 3 Spacers as well! These Spacers square measure accustomed create the A10 adjustable for the length of your manhood, creating the A10 an ideal appropriate everybody.


The A10 Cyclone Inner Cup Set:

  • Compatible with A10 Cyclone set (sold separately)
  • Includes 3 Inner Cups: Rolling BJ, Medusa Head, Crystal
  • Includes 3 Spacers for size adjustment
  • Soft silicone material
  • Made in JAPAN
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Weight: 600.00 Grams

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