One of the foremost uncommon dolls from a rustic that has given new assuming to innovation in its radical perspective towards dutch wives! The Jennifer is sort of a giant onahole and doll combined: Hefty (18kg, 635 oz!) however extremely pliable, she comes with soft breasts, a versatile mouth for oral pleasure, and a full channel hole for normal penetration.
You can place yourself between her breasts for paizuri fun, stick your fingers in her and even receive a good blow job from her very little lips. Yes, Jennifer could be a modest size however she will actually multi-task. Her long, luscious hair flowing down fron her head, she is lying down with arms raised higher than her, able to be taken.


The Jennifer Doll features:

  • Size: about 97 x 44 x 28cm (38.2 x 17.3 x 11")
  • Weight: about 18kg (635 oz)
Current Stock:
Weight: 18,000.00 Grams

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