The Kemono Hime Animal patrician Sex Doll may be a sensible recreation of Japanese anime and dojinshi fantasies as a luxurious toy. that includes AN onahole sleeve pouch therefore you'll tuck your favorite individual between the legs, the massive and versatile furred animal doll is enjoyed in an exceedingly vary of positions. The detail is great, complete with paws, a tail and cute anime-like eyes. All the animals square measure feminine and have breasts. choose from 3versions: a pink dog known as Nene, a grey cat known as Anya, or a chestnut brown fox known as Kitsuno.


The Kemono Hime Animal Princess Sex Doll features:

  • Kemonomimi fantasy furry plush doll
  • Versions: Nene (pink dog), Anya (gray cat), Kitsuno (chestnut brown fox)
  • Length: 60-68cm (23.6-26.8") (varies per version)
  • Bust: 34-49cm (13.4-19.3")
  • Waist: 34-47cm (13.4-18.5")
  • Hips: 51-64cm (20.1-25.1")
  • Moveable parts: head, arm, feet, tail
  • Onahole/masturbator slot: 4-6cm (1.6-2.4") wide, 15-17cm (5.9-6.7") deep
  • Onahole hole not included but has pouch
  • Materials: acrylic
Current Stock:
Weight: 10,000.00 Grams

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