This innocent faced Libidoll is here out there in associate awing starter set that includes atiny low doll body, head and wig. Created by Yeddo physical attractionthis can be a petite doll for anyone United Nations agency likes their women sweet and tender. Complete with a blond bob wig and camisole and panties, the Libidoll can tug at your heart strings each time you see her lovely face and delicate body.
The Libidoll options twenty four magnet joints aside from the ankles and wrists, for a versatile, posable little doll that may get you each time.
You can conjointly opt for which type of Libidoll face you'd like. there's the lovable "plain" face or the a lot ofstunned "happy" expression.
What size breasts does one need her to have? Libidoll even comes with a alternative of bust sizes: massive or little.
Finally, you'll choose the wig you'd like (short blond, long blond, blue, short brown, long brown, short black, long black).
Plus there ar seven completely different eye colours (red, blue, green, brown, purple, gold, silver).


The Libidoll Starter Set features:

  • Height: 52cm (1.7 ft)
  • Weight: 780g (1.7 lb)
  • Clothes size: medium
  • Wigs: short blond, long blond, blue, short brown, long brown, short black, long black
  • Eyes: red, blue, green, brown, purple, gold, silver
  • Face: plain, happy
  • Bust/Chest: small, large
  • Includes head, wig, costume (camisole, white panties)
  • There is no onahole/hole slot in this doll. Optional extra (choose below): add the specially designed Dollho Eve Body Frame & Onahole
  • Magnetic joints
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Weight: 780.00 Grams

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