Tokyo physical attraction created the bestselling Usahane Air doll, the cutest blow-up doll we've ever seen. currentlythey need gone a step more, combining the Usahane style with constant "small doll" vogue that has created their alternative things just like the Dollho such successful. Despite the name, the Libidoll Usahane Air isn't a blow-up doll however rather a small lady WHO is posable and forever certain to keep you company once you would like her.
This full set includes all body components, a head and wig, and even a whole set of costume and vestureyou'lladditionally select eye color and what reasonably face you'd like her to have: plain, happy or unhappy.


The Libidoll Usahane Air Sex Doll features:

  • 1/2 scale
  • Not a blow-up doll
  • Includes bust, stomach part, arms, legs, thigh, feet, head, wig, costume
  • Costume: jacket, dress, knee-high socks, bag, shoes
  • Face: plain, happy, sad
  • Eye color: red, blue, green, brown, purple, gold, silver
  • There is no onahole/hole slot in this doll
Current Stock:
Weight: 2,600.00 Grams

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