This exquisite anime-style, full-body Lip Lop Doll SO1 and has massive eyes and a bust to die for. The doll is formedfrom materialcreating her simple to take care of and delightfully soft to carry. A wig is enclosedhowever add costumes associated an onahole for the ultimate bit.
This terribly special doll is formed to order, therefore please permit up to 3 months for delivery.


The Lip Lop Doll SO1 Plus features:

  • Length: around 158-160cm (62-63")
  • Shoulder width: around 34cm (13.4")
  • Bust: around 77cm (30")
  • Shoe size: around 20cm (7.9")
  • Weight: 8kg (18 lbs)
  • Includes wig (may vary from images)
  • Made to order: allow 2-3 months for shipping
  • Costumes and onahole not included
  • Please note that because this doll is made to order, an order cannot be cancelled
Current Stock:
Weight: 8,000.00 Grams

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