The perfect further bit to your expansive sex doll or a cute cosplay costume item in its claim, the Love Body Aki Doll White bathing suit has been designed as an adjunct for the Love Body Aki Air Doll et al. within the Love Body series (available as nonobligatory extras). This set of brassiere and panties has that impossible to resist sweet Japanese lady look, the best underclothing to slide over a slender lady with a modest chest. the sole question is however long you retain it on her before you're taking it off!


The Love Body Aki Doll White Bikini features:

  • Set of white bra and panties
  • Suitable for Love Body Aki Air Doll and other inflatable sex dolls
  • Doll not included (add as optional extras along with an Akihabara-style idol costume)
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Weight: 200.00 Grams

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