A love doll is as special as a true lady and then she desires many acceptable care and a spotlight. Once you havechosen the right wig for your woman you may in fact need to create certain it lasts. With this Hair Care Set you'll be able to wash and preen your girl's hair to your heart's content.

We ar Associate in Nursing formally approved merchant for dolls factory-made by Orient tradewe have a tendency to perceive that the value for every doll is very high for a web purchase, and that we would love to createcertain that our customers will trust US, and likewise we will trust our customers, throughout the completecommercialism method and any ultimate post-sales support. we'll be glad to supply you with any data concerningour company and/or Orient trade to create you are feeling safe throughout and once your purchase. we'lladditionally lief support you once your purchase on behalf of and in cooperation with Orient trade. Please bear in mind, though, that because of the character of this product (each item is factory-made on demand) returns can't beaccepted, except in fact if the merchandise arrives faulty before usage. bear in mind of any taxes or import duties, still as native laws which may not permit the import of life-size dolls. These ar the responsibility of the client. Please don't hesitate to allow us to understand if you've got any queries.


The Love Doll Hair Care Set features:

  • Special shampoo, hair care spray and brush
  • Suitable for all love doll models
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Weight: 200.00 Grams

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