Companions nearly as good as these solely exist in your fantasies. Or do they? KanojoToys will deliver to you the wildest, sexiest lady of your dreams...from Japan. continued our world category vary of realistic polymer sex dolls, the Love Doll atomic number 11 Body is for the person UN agency likes his girls terribly liberally chested, however with the sweet complexion of a Japanese missy.
Do we mention this lady was terribly generous within the bust? Buckeye State, yes. that is a full G Cup of generosity right there! With an identicalbeautiful stats to the our Love Doll G Body, the NA's special feature is her coloring, created to be not solely ultra-realistic however an excellent duplicate of delicate Japanese skin.
As usual you'll select whether or not you would like a versatile free or sturdier grip frame, reckoning on the types ofmotility (and positions) you would like your lady to try and do.
Each face is completely different and with a range of FOURTEEN ladiesyou're undoubtedly spoiled for choice! be happy to combine and match the wigs too: finally, why stop at nothing wanting perfection? And if you would like to decorate her up, simply add a maid costume or 2.


The Love Doll NA Body features:

  • High-grade silicone sex doll
  • Japanese-style skin
  • Please choose face/head
  • Please choose wig, as per the pictures. Alternatively you may choose the recommended wig for your choice of face
  • Note that models with opening mouths are: Yuma, Hatsune, Monroe
  • Note that models with closing eyes are: Millet, Hatsune
  • Please choose body type: grip (standing) or free (flexible)
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Height: about 147cm (57.9")
  • Bust: about 87cm (34.3"), G Cup
  • Underbust: about 56cm (22")
  • Waist: about 50cm (19.7")
  • Hips: about 82cm (32.3")
  • Shoes: about 23cm (9.1")
  • Clothes: size 9
  • Includes: cleaning tools, lotion, hole, hole cover
  • Options (please add below): underhair, flexible fingers, fake nails, skin tan, movable eyes, maid costume (pink), maid costume (brown), voice (sexual moans etc)
  • Underhair takes an extra 2 weeks
  • Movable eyes takes an extra 2 weeks
  • Skin tan takes an extra 45 days
  • Flexible fingers take an extra 45 days
  • Fake nails take 1 extra week


Care & Maintenance:
Love dolls ar sturdy, but, similar to a true woman, they still want special care and a focus. once you don't seem to be exploitation your love doll, we recommend you retain her during a relaxed, horizontal cause (e.g. lying down). However, please make certain to vary this cause from time to time; it is best to not leave your love doll within thesame position for quite a month. Please don't keep your doll too long during a bent position, as this may causetension and typically tears on the within of the doll, or maybe harm to the silicone polymer surface. Also, oncebending or moving your love doll, please treat her with the respect she deserves, which suggests taking things slowly and not bending her by force. we tend to conjointly advocate you are doing not keep your doll standing up for long periods, nor bend the joints over concerning seventy degrees. If you've got any questions about a way to watch outof your love doll, please allow us to grasp.

Shipping Information:
We ship worldwide via DHL or FEDEX direct to your door (with insurance and tracking) at intervals 5-6 weeks on the average.

We don't seem to be the manufacturer of this product, although we tend to do have contact with them. they're not within the business of commercialism their wonderful merchandise, thus we've got stepped in to fill this want. KanojoToys isn't liable for taking care of any repair desires, notably those caused by misuse. as a result of the character of this product, returns can't be accepted. we are able to assist you with future desires on a independentbasis, however shipping and handling charges ar the responsibility of the vendee. bear in mind of any taxes or import duties, still as native laws. These ar the responsibility of the vendee. Please allow us to grasp if you've got any queries.

Current Stock:
Weight: 21,000.00 Grams

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