Out of Orient Industry's groundbreaking true-to-life realistic love dolls, the Petite Nano is their most innocent, most vernal ladyyou will need to preen, play with and snuggle up near this sweet girl and her cute figure...all day (and night) long!
Like her predecessors, like the Separate, the Petite Nano is totally customizable and might be adjusted to merely the approach you'd like your ideal partner to be. you'll be able to begin by selecting whether or not you wish an everyday PVC body or upgrade to siloxane.
The tender, with modesty chested (A Cup) Petite Nano is additionally designed to be simply and quickly assembled by hand. this implies you get to grasp your girl turnedeach in. of her body.
The kind of activities you may wish to try to to along with your love doll ought to verify your alternative of legs. Straight or bent suggests that your lady are going to be additional appropriate for standing or sitting severallythe sort of move you wish to realize may be custom-made to your doll's options. If you wish the foremost flexibility, of course, simply get each types of legs!
Naturally, once you've got chosen your body you may wish the proper face for your girlwe've got a good vary of SIX model face/heads offered for the Petite Nano, all made of finest siloxane choices. They conjointly go together with nonobligatory movable eyes.
Certain, well, routines along with your Petite Nano conjointly take pleasure in a body hole. The doll will work severaltypes of onaholes, tho' one is enclosed to urge you started. you'll be able to opt for the individual style you want: Karami-tako (Octopus Grip) or Uzushio (Whirlpool). The "octopus" options a slim tunnel lined with sucker-like bumps, sickle-shaped at the tip. The "whirlpool" may be a straight tube with multiple ribs, widening as you push deeper within. You get lubricatorand 2 versions (tight or loose) of your individual alternative.
You can conjointly add underhair to your lady's downstairs regions for further realism. There are lots of differentextras, together with sensible tools like a improvement spray, protection cowl and show trunk.


The Love Doll Petite Nano features:

  • Body: choose PVC or silicone type
  • Legs: choose straight or bent (or get both)
  • Legs and arms are made from PVC only
  • Heads: silicone (choose below)
  • Optional movable eyes (please note that only silicone models can be fitted with movable eyes)
  • Hair pieces: as recommended for your model (as per the picture of each model), or choose your own
  • Height: 136cm (53.5")
  • Weight: 13kg (28.7 lb) (silicone), 11.5kg (25.4 lb) (PVC)
  • Bust: A Cup (large silicone bust optional)
  • Waist: 48cm (18.9")
  • Hips: 71cm (28")
  • Shoe size: 22.5-24cm (U.S. 5.5-7.5)
  • Holes types: Karami-tako (Octopus Grip) or Uzushio (Whirlpool) (choose below)
  • Includes body hole, body cover, underwear
  • Clothing and extras are available (choose below): Lubricant, Cleaning Spray, Display Torso, Hair Care Set, Protection Cover
  • Underhair colors also available (black or brown)


Care & Maintenance:
Love dolls ar sturdy, but, similar to a true woman, they still want special care and a focus. once you don't seem to be exploitation your love doll, we recommend you retain her during a relaxed, horizontal cause (e.g. lying down). However, please make certain to vary this cause from time to time; it is best to not leave your love doll within thesame position for quite a month. Please don't keep your doll too long during a bent position, as this may causetension and typically tears on the within of the doll, or maybe harm to the silicone polymer surface. Also, oncebending or moving your love doll, please treat her with the respect she deserves, which suggests taking things slowly and not bending her by force. we tend to conjointly advocate you are doing not keep your doll standing up for long periods, nor bend the joints over concerning seventy degrees. If you've got any questions about a way to watch outof your love doll, please allow us to grasp.

Shipping Information:
We ship worldwide via DHL or FEDEX direct to your door (with insurance and tracking) at intervals 5-6 weeks on the average.

We don't seem to be the manufacturer of this product, although we tend to do have contact with them. they're not within the business of commercialism their wonderful merchandise, thus we've got stepped in to fill this want. KanojoToys isn't liable for taking care of any repair desires, notably those caused by misuse. as a result of the character of this product, returns can't be accepted. we are able to assist you with future desires on a independentbasis, however shipping and handling charges ar the responsibility of the vendee. bear in mind of any taxes or import duties, still as native laws. These ar the responsibility of the vendee. Please allow us to grasp if you've got any queries.

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Weight: 13,500.00 Grams

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