Manzoku is one amongst Japan's high on-line adult retailers. however it loves its job most that it did what we have a tendency to all dream about: started coming up with its own line of sex toys. The results square measure Associate in Nursing exclusive series of luxury Japanese sex dolls. The Manzoku Body Luxury Sex Doll MSD054 is one amongstthe best, a realistically hefty doll with stunning breasts and a waist to die for. The skin includes a golden, Japanese texture, whereas her slender, flat abdomen is matched by an ideal combine of thighs that you simply will grip as you pump away within either her pussy or ass.


The Manzoku Body Luxury Sex Doll MSD054 features:

  • Doble hole
  • Total length: 660mm (26")
  • Width: 340mm (13.4")
  • Height: 130mm (5.1")
  • Weight: 8kg (17.6 lbs)
  • Made to order: please allow up to an extra month for delivery
  • Full air release hole type
Current Stock:
Weight: 8,000.00 Grams

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