Adult distributor Manzoku loves sex toys most that it's started coming up with its own, and what a powerfulcollected these luxury sex dolls square measurecreated particularly to order, this Manzoku Body Sex Doll MSD053 options a good looking Asian figure with a arced back and her insidious spherical butt protruding. Her hands square measure bloodletting a combine of exquisite breasts whereas you'll actually wish to squeeze her butt cheeks as you penetrate either the ass or pussy. She lies on her front therefore is ideal for putting down flat on a surface to relish from behind. the eye to detail is additionally very goodtogether with painted fingernails and engaging nipples.


The Manzoku Body Sex Doll MSD053 features:

  • MSD053 model
  • Double hole
  • Total length: 68cm (26.8")
  • Width: 34cm (13.4")
  • Height: 24cm (9.4")
  • Weight: 16.7kg (36.8 lbs)
  • Made to order: Please allow an extra month for production and delivery
Current Stock:
Weight: 16,700.00 Grams

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