The "G" stands for "Glamorous" and that we will see why. This My partner love doll may be a plush doll companion by Dekunoboo with terribly pointy titties and a grippable ass to die for! sneak in your favorite hole and she or he is your terribly own spousal equivalentsolely while not all the dilemmas and annoyances that return as a part of the package in real world. No, this partner is there for one reason solely -- your pleasure.
Great for missionary, domestic dog or for her to ride you, grip, grind and groan yourself as deep as you'll be able to into the sort G. you'll be able to get your doll with simply the body or with either MIRAI or NATSUNE heads, counting onyour preference. Mirai contains a sweet Japanese face, whereas Natsune's eyes square measure enclosed a submissive image of beauty.


The My Wife Type G by Dekunoboo features:

  • Foam love doll by Dekunoboo
  • Default: body only
  • OPTIONAL: MIRAI or NATSUNE heads (choose below)
  • Height: about 90cm (35.4")
  • Bust: about 80cm (31.5")
  • Waist: about 48cm (18.9")
  • Hips: about 96cm (37.8")
  • Weight: about 2kg (70.5")
  • Onahole NOT included (vaginal hole included)
  • Dark semi-long wig included with optional heads
  • Recommended onaholes are available below
  • As they are made to order, Dekunoboo dolls cannot be canceled after an order has been placed. Please allow some extra days for delivery.
Current Stock:
Weight: 2,000.00 Grams

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