Air dolls want over simply physical love. therefore why not outfit your doll with this cute and colourful Nadeshiko Momiji Air Doll Costume? fabricated from light-weight materials, it's a allegory pattern on white with red trim. it's a cross-over front for a semi-traditional, kimono-like look, however the decorated dress and spirited coloursadditionally provides it that a lot of casual imouto "younger sister" and moe feel.
This mixture of trendy and ancient can extremely lend your air doll a special one thing. The set comes complete with the dress associate degreed a traditional-style belt referred to as an religious cult for serving to keep the front closed... till she is prepared for you to undress her.


The Nadeshiko Momiji Air Doll Costume features:

  • Includes kimono-style dress and obi belt
  • Suitable for Nadeshiko Momiji Open Mouth Air Doll or other similar dolls (or a partner)
  • Air doll/onahole not included
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Weight: 200.00 Grams

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