This try of D-Cup breasts may be a good addition to a sex doll. created by Edo concupiscence, the creators of the Usahane air doll, the Nama fashionable Doll brassiere may be a easy however effective thanks to provides a boost to your miniature companion's bust. The polymer materials even have a soft, realistic texture. we tend to suggest this for fans of our unbelievable Dollho Body Doll Onahole.


The Nama Chichi Doll Bra features:

  • Ideal for use with small dolls, such as the Dollho
  • D-cup (to scale)
  • Suitable for dolls 50-60cm (19.7-23.6")
  • Please note that this is ONLY the breasts. No doll is included
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Weight: 200.00 Grams

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