From Japan's high series of popular onaholes!
World-famous Av star Nao Yoshizaki does not take it in exactly one gaptherefore why ought to her signature onahole? The Nao Yoshizaki Meiki no Shoumei of the ill-famed Meiki series has 2 tight pleasure holes for double the fun (and even includes a separate mini-lotion for each). The epithelial duct approach options a g-spot that sounds like the $64000factor, and each feature ridged, elastic interiors that grip you simply sort of a lady within the throes of sexual ecstasy.
This hole is one among our densest, deliberation at over three pounds- the additional mass extremely adds to the realism and makes exploitation this hole that way more intense.


The Nao Yoshizaki Meiki no Shoumei features:

  • 3D molding
  • Dual Vaginal and anal entryways
  • Dense, soft, and lifelike material
  • Internal pleasure ridges and variable-width design
  • 100% hypo-allergenic silicone
  • Two mini lotion packs included
  • Manual: Japanese
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Weight: 200.00 Grams

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