Take correct care of your favorite adult toys currently with the Onahole Care and Maintenance Set. The set of 4 things includes a pouch for storing your onaholes discreetly and safely, whereas the specialist powder can facilitate maintain a contemporary and engaging texture to the mortal skin (as we all knowthey'll get sticky once you add fill and bit them too much). there's conjointly a brush that's ideal for applying the powder exquisitely to the skin (it's conjointlynice for non-onaholes like breast toys and silicone polymer sex dolls). Finally, the long improvement stick can mean you'll be able to clean deep within your onahole to avoid the build-up of bacterium and dirt that accompanies regular usage.



The Onahole Care and Maintenance Set features:

  • Ideal starter set for good maintenance of your onaholes or other set toys
  • Includes powder, brush for applying powder, cleaning stick, storage pouch
  • Breasts and onahole toys not included (examples of usage only)
  • Instructions: Japanese (but easy to use)
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Weight: 110.00 Grams

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