Tenga continues to evolve the idea of onanismsystematically making additions to its vary that area unit the maximum amount artworks as adult toys. Here is that the Pocket Tenga, a disposable mobile onanism sleeve that slips virtuallyflat in your pocket for once you need it. It you thought the Tenga Egg was convenient and gratifying, then make preparations for the Pocket Tenga, that is even diluent and practical!
There area unit 3 versions, every as trendy as we've got come back to expect from Japan's most innovative adult toys whole. Wave Line is that the curvy, additional sleek expertise. Block Edge is more durable, for the guy UN agencylikes it sharp and powerfulmeantime Click Ball options nubs and bumps that may tickle and stimulate.
This set options all 3. The Pocket Tenga is super elastic and can match virtually any size. Use once then dispose. Open up the bag, pour within the lotion that comes within at the side of your Pocket Tenga. Once you're finished, slip the Pocket back to its packaging, use the sticker to seal it, and throw it away.


The Pocket Tenga features:

  • Set of all three: Wave Line, Block Edge, or Click Ball
  • Each Pocket Tenga includes lotion sachet
  • Comes with sticker for ease of disposal
  • 8mm (0.3") thin!
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Weight: 50.00 Grams

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