The Scent of highschool woman Night Juices Smell Bottle could be a good example of Japanese aroma fetish things. Add a number of this realistic scent to a partner's body or garments or costumes, or maybe a sex doll or adult toy, and you'll recreate the distinctive smell of a Japanese feminine college student. particularly, Tama Toys have created a scent that's supported the liquid excretions dripping from this high schooler's you-know-what throughout her nightly sessions touching herself.


The Scent of High School Girl Night Juices Smell Bottle features:

  • With smell
  • Use by itself or with partners, dolls, sex toys, costumes, etc
  • Includes water, ethanol, PEG-40 water-based castor oil
  • 10ml (0.3 fl oz)
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Weight: 68.00 Grams

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