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Every time Tenga releases a replacement product we all know it's planning to be a serious event in our calendars. Remember, these area unit the parents answerable for such landmark designer adult toys because the Tenga Egg, the Tenga hotter, and after all the classic Flip Hole. currently comes the Tenga 3D, their latest revolution in fashionable masturbators and also the most extraordinary-looking model however. This white, refined hole are oftenabsolutely reversed to utilize the various surface styles for max pleasure.
Turn your Tenga expertise into a three-dimensional one and you do not even want 3D glasses! The new hole conjointly maintains the signature Tenga approach to esthetic, trying an entire grade on top of the oppositecustomarymine run masturbators out there. and it's practical: If treated well Tenga say you'll re-use your 3D around fifty times. what is additional, since the Tenga 3D are often reversed it's straightforward to wash and dry.
There area unit 5 amazing-looking versions to settle on from. Pile offers pleasure each laborious and soft, with its complicated triangle gradation style. Module brings contrasts with its blocks providing solid and laborious effects. Meanwhile, Spiral brings elaborated curves and edges and twists involved on your member. plane figure is that thesoftest of the tonjam-packed with hidden pleasure from wide surfaces. And Zen has flowing ribs that offer soft and delicate stimulation everywhere.


The Tenga 3D features:

  • Versions: Pile, Module, Spiral, Polygon, OR Zen
  • Size: 72.6 x 72.6 x 156.5mm (2.9 x 2.9 x 6.2")
  • Reversible: turn inside out, add gel and use
  • Can be used and re-used around 50 times
  • Includes lotion (1 time use)
  • *Includes ONE Tenga 3D toy. Please choose which version you want from the menu below*



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